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 Jim’s …Newsletter                                                                              

      “Have Fun with Yourself”                    


  The Name of this Newsletter came from my wife.  When theirs a Buc’s Football game. I like to walk the streets to the stadium, through all the tailgaters and back.

  One morning as I was going out the door, I overheard my wife talking on the phone saying to her friend; Jim is going out …To Have Fun with Himself”. 

     Some people have trouble doing stuff by themselves. They would like to do things, go somewhere, but if they don’t have someone to do it with, they end up sitting at home, with no Excitement or Adventure in there life.

      Not everyone has a partner to share their life with or friends with the same interest or the time for certain event.

     I was in the Seminar business for 17 years.  I got a lot of calls from people who wanted to attend my Seminar, but first they had to see if a friend would go with them.  

    Guess what, they never called me back.  I guess they couldn’t get the friend to go and didn’t want to come by themselves.

    Don’t hold back on Life.  If you want to do something or go somewhere …Do it with You- and have Fun!

   I want to show you how to over come being alone and to Have Fun with Yourself.

      My story begins in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.  I have been traveling for 7 months, visiting National Parks out West.

      After Four-Stressful Years in the Bar Business, I sold my bar in Charlotte NC and decided to move to Tampa Fl and get into real estate investing, with an old college friend.

      But first I wanted to take some time off and see the world.  Or at least the West! I was looking for an Adventure.  I was 31 years old, stressed out and single. 

      I started my Adventure Trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander Wyoming.  I went on a 21 day Backpacking Expedition into the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.

      Afterwards, I worked in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.  I stayed there about twelve weeks selling camping supplies, hiking and forgetting about life.

      The Park closed (October) for the winter. So on my way to Tampa, I traveled down through the Rocky Mountains camping and hiking by myself.

     One day, as I was hiking a six mile loop in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.  I ran across a fellow employee from the Grand Teton Lodge.

     We sat down beside some shade trees and had a chat.  He was about twenty years old and had been camping and hiking like I was for the past month. He was in tears telling me how lonely he was with no one to talk to.

     He wanted to know how I was coping.  At first I didn’t know what to say, but I told him I wasn’t alone – I had myself to talk to.  That I had a very close friend with me and so did he.  I call it

…My Inner Self.  My Voice…In My Head.

    He looked at me kind of strange for he wasn’t looking for that answer.  We talked a few more minutes and then went in different directions.

       Until I talked to him, I never really thought about being alone, traveling across country by myself.  Here he was going out of his mind, while I felt comfortable being with myself.

      I always felt comfortable doing things with myself.  In my early twenties, I even went cross country on a motorcycle from Charlotte NC thru the Rocky Mountains and back.  Now that was an Adventure.  And I went Alone.

      Maybe, it’s because I was the only child.  Growing up, I had no brothers or sister to play with.  I had only myself.

     But his question kind of got me thinking.  How did I do it?

I was having a blast traveling, camping & hiking with myself. I didn’t mind it a bit.

     As I was traveling in my car, I started to think about it.  I have this great imagination.  I love to watch movies.  Here I was driving South, from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the middle of nowhere. And I noticed I was pretending to be in a movie.

    The camera was outside the car window.  The movie was about me, I was the star.  Today it was an adventure movie with plenty of action and comedy.

      I never really thought about it much until then. But that’s how I was dealing with it!  And I remembered the camera being on my cross country motorcycle trip.

     Have you ever seen the TV series Magnum PI, staring Tom Selleck.?  He’s a detective living in Hawaii.  Right before the show starts, the camera shows Magnum sitting in his red Ferrie car. 

    The camera is outside the car as he drives off. Then he looks into the camera and gives a funny smile, like it’s great to be alive.  That’s how I was dealing with it. I wasn’t Alone; I had an audience full of people driving with me. I was having Fun with Myself.

   The Narrator of my Story is the voice in my head. Thomas Magnum hears his voice.  He refers to it as his …Little Voice.  His Little Voice tells him where to look for clues and when to be careful.  His voice is with him when he’s in trouble.

     We all have a voice in our heads. Some people cannot hear it, while others hear it loud and clear. I am always talking with my inner self.  My voice has even saved my live a couple of times.

    My Voice told me to RUN when I was surrounded and being punched outside a bar by four attackers. Later, after I stopped running, I realized they stabbed me in the arm.  I was lucky that night. I’ll always remember my Voice yelling at me …“RUN”!

    I went backpacking by myself on a Beautiful Day in the high country of the Grand Teton, National Park. In the middle of the night I woke up. My tent had collapsed on me.  It weighed a Ton.

     I thought a Grizzle Bear had Jumped Me. I crawled out of my tent and there was a foot of snow on the ground and on top of my tent. I was in a blizzard at 12,000 feet.  A White Out! My tent was covered in snow.  In fact, it took me forever to find it again.

     And of course, my flashlight wouldn’t work. I was walking around in this White Out, in just shorts and a shirt  

     I was scared and couldn’t find my tent or think of what to do next. That’s when I heard my Voice tell me to “Get into the Sleeping Bag”.  I finally found my collapsed tent and crawled into my sleeping bag.  

     To breath, I propped up the inside of the tent with my Backpack. I looked at my watch and it was only 9 pm. What a long night that was.  No way off the mountain until morning. 

      I didn’t know if I would make it thru the night.  Maybe my voice is my Guardian Angel.  All I know is it saved my life.  And Yes, the Camera was in the Tent that Night.  What a Movie!

     Lights-Camera-Action!  So the next time you go somewhere, or get on a plane, go out for a walk or a ride. Look into the camera and see the audience, just as Thomas Magnum does. You’re the Star and Director and your Little Voice is the Narrator.   

    When you’re ready for your movie to start, say out loud__“Look Out World …Here I Come.”

     And remember when you look into your camera always give a smile. The camera will be on you all day …so act cool. And Have Fun with You!

                 (C-Copyrighted 2009 by Jim Welsh, All Rights Reserved)

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