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Jim Welsh’s …Exercising Newsletter                                                                      “Getting Hooked on Exercising.”      

      Nothing can take the place of a good workout. Either if it’s running, walking, cycling, lifting weights, hiking, etc. A good workout will make you feel great!    

    As of this writing, I am 61 years old. I look better in person than I do in these pictures. However, I love to exercise. I feel guilty if I don’t.

   If you’re out of shape, so is your mind.  A strong body produces a strong mind.  People who are lazy, that smoke, drink too much or are over weight, have no will power.

      Getting into shape will make you feel good about yourself and help you overcome your bad habits. Having a Healthy Body will make your body reject smoking, drinking and eating to much.  Once you start feeling healthy, your life will change.

      This article is about teaching you how to get motivated on Exercising.  Once you start, you won’t want to stop.  And it all begins in your mind.

      My first suggestion is before you do anything, start reading. Start reading fitness Books and Magazines every day. I wanted to start jogging. 

      So I purchased a book on jogging.  Each day, I would read a couple of pages.  After, I put the book down I couldn’t wait to go outside and jog. See yourself jogging at the park before you actually go, this will motivated you.

      Every so often I will buy a magazine on body building.  It keeps me motivated on going to the gym. I love to lift weight.  It’s not about having big muscles with me but having a hard body.

     I do lots of rep with low weights.  Hey, I am 61 years old. I have adjusted my workout many times over the years.

    Now it time to “Get Hooked on Exercising”.  Your next step is to program your body clock when to exercise.  

     If you get up every morning for work at 7 am, chances are you don’t need an alarm clock to wake you. Your body clock automatically gets you up. 

     My wife has her exercise clock set for 5 pm.  Each day she walks at 5 pm.  She hates it if she misses her workout.  I have my exercise clock programmed for 3 pm. So try and have your exercise experience that same time each day.

    Consistency is important.  If you can workout every day for three weeks, then your body clock will begin to program itself, where by, if you miss a workout, you will feel guilty and want to exercise. So set your Body Clock.

    Next, get a calendar and after each workout, number the days in a row you have exercised.  Try and get up to 40 days in a row of exercise.  Set goals!  Have Fun with It!

     I remembered how excited I got doing this. Walking over to the calendar and marking on it that I exercised.  I felt good about myself.  I was accomplishing something.

    My mind and body was strong.  I felt great about life and myself.  Well that’s it.  Hope you enjoyed the article.


Jim Welsh,


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