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                  The Magic of Thinking in the Shower”                   


      Excerpts from Jim’s Book

              “The Magic of Thinking in the Shower”.

    Thinking of Great Ideas can Help Solve Problems be Profitable and Change Your Life.

     How do you go about Thinking Creatively?  When was the last time you had a good idea?  And where were you when it happened?  Chances are you don’t remember.

     Ideas come to me when I am Exercising, Laying Down in the Middle of the Afternoon Resting, while driving in my Car, in the Middle of the Night while Sleeping and when Taking a Shower.

     I read in a book, if you have a goal to accomplish, plant the thought (seed) in your mind and your Subconscious Mind will make it grow.

    I first tried this when I wanted to open up a bar in Charlotte NC.  While sitting in my car I screamed, “I am going to open up a Bar”.  Over and over I kept yelling it out to myself.  I was planting the seed.  Sure enough a year later I opened my bar. So scream your Goals out loud!

     Once you plant the seed, your subconscious mind is always working on making it grow. What a Book!

     The same is true on coming up with Ideas. Tell yourself out loud the problem. Plant the seed.  Then think on solving it.  If you get tired or hit a wall, take a break.  Be patient.  The seed is planted and your subconscious mind is working on the answers.    

   Many a time when I was thinking on a promotional idea for my bar, I get frustrated and have to lie down and rest. When I woke up, I usually had the answers.

    If not, my subconscious mind is still on it. I also discovered when I took a shower, ideas would pop out.   I don’t take that many afternoon naps but I do take a lot of showers.  Therefore, I came up with a lot of great ideas.

     The Trick is! You have to write down your ideas right away, before you forget them!

    Many a time I had some great ideas while taking a shower and when I turned off the water they were gone.

    Or in the middle of the night when an idea came to me, I was too tired to roll over and write it down. The next morning I couldn’t remember. You need a tape recorder or pen and pad readily available.

     I first learned about the power of the shower while I was in the Bar/Restaurant business in Charlotte NC.  I wanted to be the Number One bar in Charlotte.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I had wall to wall people in my bar just about every night.

      Twenty seven employees when I peeked. I had a jammed packed buffet lunch, two hundred fifty people at happy hour.  However, it wasn’t easy staying number one.  I had a lot of competition.  New bars were opening up all the time.  And they all wanted my business.

        Some of My Ideas on Getting People into my Bar;

-Secretaries Come into Diamond Jim’s after work and the bartenders will give you a neck massage.

- On Monday Night, 10 cent wine for Ladies sitting at the bar. I had 250 people in my bar every Monday Night.

-Whenever I place and ad in the paper for a waitress, 20 women would show up for the start of the 3 pm interview.  Then I thought have the interviews during Happy Hour.  My Happy Hour customers couldn’t believe 20 women sitting at the bar.  And the women liked it and came back. My bar was always packed.

     I wrote my own newspaper copy and radio ads.  I created all my bars marketing and promotional ideas.  

     I had to come up with Ideas all the time if I wanted to stay in business. I eventually sold my bar and move on.

  Over the years, I have come up with some great ideas. Such as;

  • When I couldn’t find anyone to go Hiking. I started a Seminar “Let’s Go Hiking”.  Twice a month for $25 each, I would take people hiking in the jungles of Florida.
  • I was remodeling an old house and had an idea of just finishing half the house then I held a Seminar “Learn to Fix Up Older Houses”.  I had the before and after look.
  • Another Seminar; I called “Discover Your County Courthouse”. It was an all day Seminar.  I would take people thru the Courthouse and show them how to search Public Records, do Tile Searches, Buy Properties for Back Taxes, Sheriff Sales.  We even go to Foreclosure Auction. 

We all have goals, dilemmas and problems. To find the answers, think about them before stepping into the shower. Then record your Ideas before you shut the water off.  

Your Future Is Not Here Yet, Make Your Own Destiny!


Jim Welsh,  
(Copyrighted, C - 2009 by Jim Welsh All Rights Reserved)

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