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   ...These Electric Scooters will Change Your Life!
X-650 Folding Electric ScooterX-650 Folding Electric Scooter   The X-650 is a Folding Electric Scooter with Speeds of Up To 15 mph and a Range of 10 Miles.  Removable Seatpost. Ride Standing or Seated.  Features a 330 lb Weight Limit,  600 Watt Motor,  10" Tires, 20" Racing Handlebars. Watch Action Video...
EV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterEV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility Scooter    An Affordable, Compact, Portable Mobility Scooter. Disassembles in Minutes for Travel or Storing.  275 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of  Up to 15 Miles.
XMB 400 Elite Portable Mobility ScooterXMB 400 Elite Portable Mobility Scooter   The XMB-400 Elite Portable Mobility Scooter Instantly Folds To Fit in a Car or Take Up and Down Stairs. Range of Up to 10 Miles and 265 lb Rider Weight Limit. High and Low Speed, Headlight, Basket and Plenty More Stuff.
Cooler Scooter 1000wCooler Scooter 1000w          The Cooler Ride-On Electric Scooter with 1,000 watt Motor has the Ability to Keep Your Food or Beverage Cold and to Go Places Without Walking or Having to Carry a Cooler. 15 Mile Range. 

Flex 500Flex 500   The Flex 500 has a 500 Watt Motor, 48 Volt Battery, Front Basket, Removable Seat.  Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Comes With a Removable Seat and Front Basket. Speeds of 15-18 mph and a Range of Up to 20 Miles.
Honda Moped-Electric BicycleHonda Moped-Electric Bicycle   The Honda Electric Moped Bike.  No License Required. Built with High Quality Components. 2.5 Hours on Just Electric. Speeds of Up to 15-20 MPH.  Can Also Easy Be Pedaled. You Can Comfortably Rest Your Feet Flat on the Ground when You Come to a Stop.
EV TranSport Mobility ScooterEV TranSport Mobility Scooter   The Transport Mobility Scooter Easily Folds and Can Be Wheeled Along with One Hand. Allowed on Airplanes. 250 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear,  Relaxed Cushioned Seat and Backrest Range of 10-15 Miles. Weighs 70 lbs. 
Multi-Point 3 Wheel Electric ScooterMulti-Point 3 Wheel Electric Scooter  Multi-Point Folding Electric Scooter Comes with a Removable Seat, 500 Watt Motor, Optional Tote Trailer, Reverse Gear, Parking Brake, 30 Mile Range, Removable Battery Pack for Charging Indoors and Easy Lifting In and Out of RV's. Also has a USB for Charging Smartphones and 110v Outlet for Using Power Tools.  
Buy Two Flex 500 Electric ScootersBuy Two Flex 500 Electric ScootersDiscount Price For Two Flex 500 Electric Scooters with 500 Watt Motors and 48 Volt Batteries.  Comes with Basket and Removable Seat. 
EW-36 Three Wheel ScooterEW-36 Three Wheel Scooter  This 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is Fast! 500 Watt Motor, Speeds of Up To 18 mph and a Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Cargo Basket, Comfort Seat with Flip Up Armrest. Arrives Already Assembled. Free Delivery.  Look at Video...
EW-66-Two Rider Electric ScooterEW-66-Two Rider Electric Scooter    This Two Seater Electric Trike is One Fast and Comfortable Ride! 500 Watt Motor, Three Wheel Stability,  Headlights, Alarm System, Lockable Storage Compartment, Cargo Basket.  Range of Up To 45 Miles. Arrives Already Assembled and Free Delivery. Watch Action Video...

 ...Heads Will Turn When They See You Zipping By!

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            ...On Picking A Electric Scooter, Always Check the Rider Weight Limit.  If You Have Balance Issues, Then You Want a Scooter with Three Wheel Stability. 
    ...Your Purchase Should Be Big Enough That It Turns You On.  Make It An Adventure!  

   ...When Riding on Sidewalks Be Caucus of Cars Pulling Out of Parking Lots And Driveways. And If You're Riding Fast, You're Threatening Pedestrians.

     So When You're Approaching Pedestrians, Driveways And Cross Streets Slow Down. Be Sure To Check The Traffic At Cross Streets in All Directions, Especially Behind You.      
      Many Scooter Accidents Happen at Intersections, Simply because the Rider assumed a Vehicle Driver See’s them. Try and make eye contact with the Driver to Ensure They Know You are There. Stay Safe and Drive Defensively.

   ...And If You Ride At Night, Use Headlights. It's The Law! 

    ...On Taking Care of Your Batteries; We Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors During Cold Winter Months. Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm. You Should Also Recharge Them Once Every 30 Days While Storing Them.  This Will Pro-Long The Life of Your Batteries.  

     If you are Going To Use Your Electric Scooter or E-Bike During the Winter, Charge the Batteries Indoors and Make Sure They Are Fully Charged Before You Ride.
   Be Sure to Read "Taking Care of Your Batteries on Our Web Site".

         ...The Flex 500 is A Great Three Wheel Electric Scooter Riding Seated or Standing Up.
...And It's Very Affordable.  

The Flex has a 500 Watt Motor, Long Range 48 Volt Batteries and Comes with a Front Basket, Electric Horn, Headlight and Removable Seat.
     ...And Check Out The Cooler Electric Scooter. It's Great for Parties!
     Remember,  I'll Be Waiting For You...

Jim's Direct Line ...813-872-6311

Jim's Direct Line ...813-872-6311

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