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 ...Looking For A Reason To Get Out?  Time To Have Some Some Fun!
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ZAPPY 3 Pro Flex, 350wZAPPY 3 Pro Flex, 350w  Zappy Pro Flex with 350 Watt Motor has speeds of 13 mph and a Range of Up to 17 Miles. Collapsible Handlebar makes it Easy to Store and Transport. Comes With a Removable Seat and Front Basket. Watch Action Video...
XMB 400 Elite Portable Mobility ScooterXMB 400 Elite Portable Mobility Scooter   The XMB-400 Elite Portable Mobility Scooter Instantly Folds To Fit in a Car or Take Up and Down Stairs. Range of Up to 10 Miles and 265 lb Rider Weight Limit. High and Low Speed, Headlight, Basket and Plenty More Stuff.
Flex 500Flex 500   The Flex 500 has a 500 Watt Motor, 48 Volt Battery, Front Basket, Removable Seat.  Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Comes With a Removable Seat and Front Basket. Speeds of 15-18 mph and a Range of Up to 20 Miles.
EV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterEV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility Scooter    An Affordable, Compact, Portable Mobility Scooter. Disassembles in Minutes for Travel or Storing.  275 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of  Up to 15 Miles.
EV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterEV Rider Express- Portable Mobility Scooter  This Four Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter Comes Apart in Seconds for Storing and Transporting. 300 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of 12.5 Miles.
Buy Two Zappy Pro Flex Scooters 350 wattBuy Two Zappy Pro Flex Scooters 350 wattDiscount Price on Two Zappy Pro Flex Scooters with 350 Watt Motors/36 Volt Battery.  Comes with Basket and Removable Seat. 
EV TranSport Mobility ScooterEV TranSport Mobility Scooter   The Transport Mobility Scooter Easily Folds and Can Be Wheeled Along with One Hand. Allowed on Airplanes. 250 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear,  Relaxed Cushioned Seat and Backrest Range of 10-15 Miles. Weighs 70 lbs. 
Buy Two Flex 500 Electric ScootersBuy Two Flex 500 Electric ScootersDiscount Price For Two Flex 500 Electric Scooters with 500 Watt Motors and 48 Volt Batteries.  Comes with Basket and Removable Seat. 
EW-36 Three Wheel ScooterEW-36 Three Wheel Scooter  This 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is Fast! 500 Watt Motor, Speeds of Up To 18 mph and a Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Cargo Basket, Comfort Seat with Flip Up Armrest. Arrives Already Assembled. Free Delivery.  Look at Video...
EW-66-Two Rider Electric ScooterEW-66-Two Rider Electric ScooterThis Two Seater Electric Trike is One Fast and Comfortable Ride! 500 Watt Motor, Three Wheel Stability,  Headlights, Alarm System, Lockable Storage Compartment, Cargo Basket.  Range of Up To 45 Miles. Arrives Already Assembled and Free Delivery. Watch Action Video...
EV SportRider-SingleEV SportRider-Single   Our Easy Rider Motorcycle Style Mobility Scooter has a Swivel Seat, 1,300 Watt Motor, Flip Up Armrest, Headrest, Range of 25-30 Miles, 450 lb Weight Limit. Arrives Fully Assembled. and Free Delivery.
EV Sport Rider-DualEV Sport Rider-DualThe Dual Rides Two. A Mobility Scooter Designed Like a Motorcycle. Range of 25-30 Miles. 450 lb Weight Limit, 1,300 Watt Motor and Lots of Chrome. Reverse Gear, Even Has a Clock! Arrives Fully Assembled. A Toy For Big Boys! Free Delivery.

...Receive Free Windshield or Lockable Rear Travel Trunk with Purchase of SportRider. $200 Value
Lift Your Spirits and Your Body

Lift Your Spirits and Your Body

    ...Look Out World, Here You Come! Our Electric Mobility Scooters Go Far, Their Fast and Comfortable!  You'll Live To Ride!
...A Mobility Scooters Can Legally Ride Anywhere A Pedestrian is Allowed To Walk.

    Riders  of Power Mobility Scooters Should Go The Same Direction Traffic is Flowing And Exercise All The Same Caution As A Pedestrian.

    Mobility Scooters do not belong in the streets.  There are places and situations where a pedestrian must cross or be in a traffic lane, but these situations would only occur when crossing a roadway, or if the regular sidewalk of footpath is inaccessible.

   ...In both of these cases, the Riders of Electric Mobility Scooters should take the same precautions as any pedestrian, such as crossing only at crosswalk or at intersections.  

That means Mobility Travel Scooters should not be in turning lanes, traffic lanes, or any part of the roadways reserved for motor vehicles.

  ....Electric Bicycle Outdoor Store Offers A Varity of Electric Mobility Scooters, Mobility Travel Scooters and Portable Mobility Scooters.  Take Them On An Airplane Or In The Trunk of Your Car.  
      We Have the StandnRide2, That Comes Apart in Four Pieces.  The EV Transporter/SLA Battery, Can Be Taken On an Airplane.
Power Mobility Scooters Are A Fun Ride. You'll Live to Ride! Tell Yourself  ..."Look Out World, Here You Come".   

     ...Riding Electric Mobility Scooters on Sidewalks Does Make You Vulnerable To Vehicles Pulling Out of Parking Lots And Driveways.  And If You're Riding Fast, You're Threatening Pedestrians.

     So When You're Approaching Pedestrians, Driveways And Cross Streets Slow Down.  Be Sure To Check The Traffic At Cross Streets in All Directions, Especially Behind You.  

   …And If You Ride At Night, Use Headlights. It's The Law! 

  ...I Suggest All Electric Mobility Scooters, be decked out with reflectors, reflector tape, or even a bright, tall orange flag. This will help motorists see you if you have to travel in the dark and are forced to travel on the road (if, for example, there are no sidewalks where you live).

     Power Mobility Scooters should not be ridden out late at night unless you have a small flashing light and put reflector tape on the bottom of the scooter and across the back of the seat. If your scooter doesn't have headlights and tape you can purchase them at Sporting goods stores.

       To Pro-Long The Life of Your Batteries.  If You’re Not Going To Ride In Winter Months, We Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors.  Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm.  And Recharge Them Once Every 3-4 Weeks While Storing.   
  ... In Order for Your Batteries to Reach Their Best Performance, After You Receive Your Mobility Scooter It’s Recommended You First “Break-Them In Before You Ride.
   Please Read on Our Web Site “Taking Care of Your Batteries”.  And Don't Worry If They Get Warm During The Recharging Process, Its Normal.
     ...Average Battery Life Depends on The Conditions and Use.  Even with Suitable Care, Rechargeable Batteries Do Not Continue Forever.
   ...The Life of The Battery Is Decreases A Small Percentage Every Time You Discharge and Recharged The Battery. 



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