Electric Bicycle Mopeds-No License Required

  ...Getting Around Town ...Just Got Easy!
We will not take back a bicycle or scooter if you find your laws do not permit you to ride it. Check first.

...Holy Molly! Electric Moped E-Bike And No Driver License is Required!  

...This Electric Moped Bike is Classified As Electric Bicycle ...Because The Motor is Less Than 750 Watts And Comes with A Pedal System.  

  You Can Drive Electric Scooter Bikes Anywhere Bicycles Are Allowed, Execpt for New Jersey where a License is Required.
 However, Even Though No Driver License is Required, most States such as California say "motorized bicycle shall only be operated by a person 16 years of age or older." Please Check Your State "Electric Moped Bike Law" before Purchasing.

  ...No Driver License or Registeration Required, No Gas And No Insurance, !

  ***Delivered To Your Door at No Charge!

 Helments are Suggested ...There Fast.

  ...It's Not Easy Being Me.  I Take Calls All Day from Customers Asking Me, Jim ...Is A Driver License Required for These Electric Scooter Bikes.

     Even Though It's All Over My Page "No License Required."  They Keep Asking.  "Is A Driver License Required".  
     Oh Well. What Am I Going to Do?  Like I Said,  It's Not Easy Being Me.

   ... There’s More to Safe Bike Riding Than A Good Helmet.  You Should Always Ride in The Same Direction That Cars Are Going. 

      If You're Riding Against Traffic And A Vehicle is Making A Right Turn From A Driveway, Side Street or Parking Lot, Chances Are There Not Expecting Someone Riding To Their Right.  There Looking Left for Oncoming Traffic.

    Riding The Wrong Way is Against The Law And You Can Get Ticketed for It.  Especially, If You Get in An Accident.

   ...If You're Riding on The Wrong Side of The Road, Then Cars Are Approaching You Twice as Fast Than A Car Passing From Behind.

    Since They're Approaching You Faster, Both The Driver And You Have Less Time To React.  And If You Do Get Hit, It's Going To Be At A Much Faster Speed. Ouch!

     ...Customers are Buying These Electric Mopeds E-Bikes for Transportation Without Working Up a Sweat.  Their Great for Getting Around Town,  Fun and Easy to Ride.  You Can Take Them Anywhere Bicycles Go. 
Breaking In Your Batteries

Breaking In Your Batteries


         ... And If You Are Going To Use Your Electric Bike During The Cold Season, Charge the Batteries Indoors and Make Sure There Fully Charged Before You Ride.    

   It's  Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors During Cold Winter Months. Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm.  And Recharge Them Once Every 30 Days While Storing.   

  ... In Order For Your Batteries To Reach Their Best Performance. Please Read ..."Taking Care of Your Batteies" on My Web Site.

       ...After the “Break-In” Period, Your Batteries will Perform There Maximum Performance.  And Don't Worry If They Get Warm During The Recharging Process, Its Normal.

     ...Average Battery Life Depends on The Conditions and Use.  Even with Suitable Care, Rechargeable Batteries Do Not Continue Forever.

   ...The Life of The Battery Is Decreases A Small Percentage Every Time You Discharge and Recharged The Battery. 

 ...It's Going To Be Like It Always Been.   Good and Bad Times, Happy and Sad, Opportunity and Tragedy.  Remember, You Can Do the Most Amazing Things Under the Poorest Circumstances.  
    Tell Yourself You're Feeling Good Today and Your Day will Get Better.  It Might Not Be What You Want, But What Are You Going To Do?  Maybe It's Not Easy Being You.
    So, If You're Ready to Ride.  I'll Be Waiting for You.  

Go Ahead ... Take a Bike!

Go Ahead ... Take a Bike!

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