Electric Tricycles
...You'll Blaze New Trails on Your E-Trike

...You'll Blaze New Trails on Your E-Trike

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1 Elek Trike 3 Speed-Standard BatteryElek Trike 3 Speed-Standard  Battery   The Elek-Trike Pedal with Electric Assist Electric Tricycle has a 450 watt Rear Wheel Motor. The Rear Motor Makes Climbing Hills Painlessly. 300lb Rider Weight Limit and a Low Step Thru Frame. Internal 3 Speed Shifter.  Range of Up To 20 Miles. Free Delivery!  Look Out World, Here You Come...
2 Tri-Rider Industrial Electric Tricycle-Single SpeedTri-Rider Industrial Electric Tricycle-Single Speed   The Tri-Rider Industrial is a Single Speed, Commercial Use Electric Tricycle. Powerful 500 Watt Front Wheel Hub Motor, 13 x 13 Deluxe Saddle with Coil Springs. Heavy Duty Steel Frame, 24" Wheels, 2.1 Thick Tires, Cargo Platform and 450 lb Weight Limit. 
3 Tri-Rider Industrial Electric Tricycle-Three SpeedTri-Rider Industrial Electric Tricycle-Three Speed   The Tri-Rider Industrial Electric Tricycle has Three Speeds for Easy Pedaling.  Heavy Duty Steel Frame and Cargo Platform.  Powerful 500 Watt Front Wheel Hub Motor, 13 x 13 Deluxe Saddle with Coil Springs. 24" Wheels, 2.1 Thick Tires and 450 lb Weight Limit. 
4 E-Trike LT -Lithiumn BatteryE-Trike LT -Lithiumn Battery    Our Stores Compact Electric Tricycle with 48v, Lithium Batteries. Great Adult Tricycle for a Small Person. Interesting Design with 20" Wheels. Built More Like a Bicycle Rather Than a Trike.  Light Weight, 3 Speed, Reverse Gear & Great for Storing. Approximatelly 5 Feet in Length. 
5 EW-27- Crossover Electric TrikeEW-27- Crossover Electric Trike    The Crossover Electric Trike is One Fast and Comfortable Ride! 500 Watt Rear Motor, Three Wheel Stability, Reverse Gear, Headlight, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Front Basket, Horn.  Range of Up To 35 Miles and Speeds of Up to 15mph. Arrives Already Assembled and Free Delivery. Watch Action Video...
6 Buddy Two Rider Electric TricycleBuddy Two Rider Electric Tricycle   The Buddy Electric Tricycle is Great for Taking Your Pet or Kids Along for a Ride. Six Speeds for Easy Pedaling.  Powerful Long Distance 48 Volt Battery, 750 Watt Front Wheel Hub Motor, 20" Wheels, 2" Thick Tires and 450 lb Weight Limit. 
7 EW-02, One or Two Rider Folding E-ScooterEW-02, One or Two Rider Folding E-ScooterEW-02, One or Two Passenger, Folding Electric Scooter. 500 lb Rider Weight Limit, Range of 43 Miles and Speeds of Up to 15 mph. 3 Speed Switch, Ships Assembled, 500w Motor and Front Basket.
8 Twin Tri- Rider Electric TrikeTwin Tri- Rider Electric Trike  A Two Rider Electric Tricycle. This 6 Speed, Three Wheel Electric Bicycle Will Take You Far with Its Powerful 500 Watt Front Wheel Hub Motor. Great for Couples on the Go. 450 lb Weigh Limit, Rear Cargo Basket.
9 Two Rider Electric Tricycle ScooterTwo Rider Electric Tricycle Scooter   Two Rider Electric Tricycle Scooter.  Great for Taking the Kids and Pets Along.  Pedal Assist Electric Motor, Dual Mirrors, 350 watt Rear Motor,  440 Lb Weight Limit, Speeds of Up to 15 mph.
10 Libert-e TricycleLibert-e Tricycle   The Libert-e Pedal Assist Electric Tricycle Comes with a Rear Wheel Motor, Lithium-ion Battery, Front Shock Absorbers, Cargo Basket, Speeds of Up to 11 mph and Range of 15 Miles, Step Thru Frame. Free Delivery!
11 EW-36 Three Wheel ScooterEW-36 Three Wheel Scooter  This 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is Fast! 500 Watt Motor, Speeds of Up To 18 mph and a Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Rear Cargo Basket, Comfort Seat with Flip Up Armrest. Arrives Already Assembled. Free Delivery.  Look at Video...
12 EW-36 SlowspokeEW-36 Slowspoke The EW-36 Slowpoke has a Maximum Speed of 6 mph and a  Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Rear Cargo Basket, Comfort Seat with Flip Up Armrest. Arrives Already Assembled. Free Delivery.  Look at Video...

     ...I've Been Waiting For You!  Where Have You Been?
It's Time To 
Get Out And Go Far. Time to Electrify Your Life.  Have Your Freedom on Our Adult Electric Tricycles for Active Seniors. 

    ...People Are Always Asking Me ..."Jim, What's a Good Day For You?"
    For Me, I Tell Them, At The End of The Day, I Like to Come Home Exhausted. Mentally or Physically!    
   ...Either Working Long Hours In My Bike/Scooter Store, On a Rental Property or Working Out Hard at the Gym. When I Feel Exhausted, I Know I Didn't Waste My Day. Fatigue Relives My Stress. It Makes Me Feel Good. It Makes Me Feel Alive. That I Did Something That Day!  

    ...If Your Life Is Boring, Then Its Time For A Change. And If You Want Things To Change, Then You Got To Change. 
Well Don't Just Sit There, Get Out and Get Moving! 
   ...Are You Ready to Ride ...Electric Tricycle. 

      ...While Riding The Streets, Try and Choose Streets with Bike Lanes.  When Using A Bike Lane, It's Often Safer To Take The Whole Lane, Rather Than Hugging The Curb.

   This Gives You Room To Move in Case An Approaching Car Doesn't Give You Enough Space.  Vehicles At Intersections in Front of You Can See You Better If Your're Taking Up The Whole Bike Lane Rather Than Riding Close To The Curb. Taking The Whole Lane Prevents Cars From Passing You Too Closely on Narrow Roadways.

   ...Always Ride with Traffic, Not Against It.  Riding The Wrong Way is Against The Law.

        If You're Riding on The Wrong Side of The Street, Then Cars Are Approaching You Faster Than A Car Passing From Behind.  Since They're Moving Faster, Both The Driver And You Have Less Time To React.  And If You Do Get Hit, It's Going To Be At A Much Faster Speed. 

    The Derailleur Shifting Systems on Bicycles and Tricycles Should only Be Shifted while Pedaling Forward.  It’s Impossible to Shift while Stopped. 
   When You’re Pedaling, the Chain Moves from One Set of Sprockets to Another. They All Make a Little Clunk Nosie.
   The Reason for this is, the First and Second Gear are Harder to Shift Too, Because They are the Biggest Sprockets and the Chain has to Move the Most.
  Electric Bikes and 
Tricycles Are Not Designed to Move from a Dead Stop, as that Puts the Biggest Strain on Both the Motor and the Battery.
   Pedaling from a Dead Stop and Then Applying a Little Throttle is the Suggested Way to Ride an Electric Vehicle. 

          ...If you are Going To Use Your Electric Tricycle During the Winter, You Should Charge the Batteries Indoors and Make Sure They Are Fully Charged Before You Ride.    

    To Pro-Long The Life of Your Batteries.  We Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors During Cold Winter Months.  Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm.  And Recharge Them Once Every 30 Days While Storing.

   ...Allow 10 to 16 Business Day for Delivery!
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