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...Live Your Life, Not Your Age!

...Live Your Life, Not Your Age!

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EW-27- Crossover Electric TrikeEW-27- Crossover Electric Trike500 Watt Motor, Three Wheel Stability, Reverse Gear, Headlight, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Speeds of Up to 15mph.
Two Rider Electric Tricycle ScooterTwo Rider Electric Tricycle ScooterGreat for Warehouse Use, Taking the Kids & Pets Along.  Pedal Assist Electric Motor, 440 Lb Weight Limit.
Libert-e TricycleLibert-e Tricycle   The Libert-e Pedal Assist Electric Tricycle Comes with a Rear Wheel Motor, Lithium-ion Battery, Front Shock Absorbers, Cargo Basket, Speeds of Up to 11 mph and Range of 15 Miles, Step Thru Frame. Free Delivery!
EW-36 Three Wheel ScooterEW-36 Three Wheel Scooter500w Motor, Speeds of 18 mph, Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Flip Up Armrest. 
EW-36 SlowspokeEW-36 Slowspoke500w Motor, Speed of 6 mph, Range of 45 Miles, 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Flip Up Armrest. 
Look Out World, Here You Come!

Look Out World, Here You Come!

      ...An Electric Tricycle will Take the Hard Work of Going Up Hills or Blazing a Trail To The Store.

      ...Let Your Journey Begin...  

      ...When Riding at Night, Headlights Are Suggested. Don't Ride Invisible. It's The Law.

     Headlamps (mounted on your helmet or head) are the Great.  You Can Look Directly At The Car To Make Sure They See Your Light. Headlamps Can Be Purchased At A Local Dollar Store for Around $6.

     ...Even for Safe Daytime Riding a Flashing Light Can Make You More Visible to Motorists who Might Otherwise Not See You.

       And Don't Ride on The Wrong Side of The Street, Ride with Traffic, Not Against It.  Cars Are Approaching You Twice As Fast Than A Car Passing From Behind. 

   Since They're Approaching You Faster, Both The Driver And You Have Less Time To React. And If You Do Get Hit, It's Going To Be At A Much Faster Speed. 

      ...If Your Riding Against Traffic And A Vehicle is Making A Right Turn From A Driveway, Side Street or Strip Center, Drivers Are Not Expecting Cyclist Riding To Their Right. There Looking Left for Oncoming Cars.  

   Riding The Wrong Way is Against The Law And You Can Get Ticketed For It. Especially, If You Get Hit!

      ... If You Don't Use It, You're Going To Lose It. The Older You Get the More Important It is To Keep Moving.  

      I Don't Care How Old You Are ...If You Exercise, Your Heart and Body will Grow Stronger.

Our Adult Electric Tricycles will Lift Your Spirits.  They will Help Motivated You to Get Moving. There's Nothing Like a Good Ride in the Mornings!

      I Get So Many Calls from Customers who Just Received Their Electric Tricycle. There So Excited.  It Gives Them a Reason to Live.  

   ...We Only Sell ...Rear Motor Electric Tricycles.
     I'll Be Waiting on You!

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