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Ninebot E Stand Up ScooterNinebot E Stand Up Scooter  Intelligent Sensor Chip Goes with the Flow of Your Body to Turn and Stop, 700 watt Motor, Lithium Battery, 300 lb Rider Weight Limit.
Q ChairQ ChairJoystick Controls, Electric Horn, Anti-Tipping Wheels, Lithium Battery, Battery Indicator Light, 275 Lb Rider Weight Limit, Range of 14 Miles.

EW-02 Speedy, Portable Electric ScooterEW-02 Speedy, Portable Electric ScooterFast and Foldable. 450w Motor, 3 Wheel Stability, 350 Weight Limit, Speeds of 11mph. 
Multi-Point 3 Wheel Electric ScooterMulti-Point 3 Wheel Electric ScooterPerfect for Warehouse Use, RV's.  500w Motor, Removable Battery Pack for Charging Indoors and Easy Lifting In and Out of RV'. And 110v Outlet for Using Power Tools.
EV TranSport Mobility ScooterEV TranSport Mobility Scooter   The Transport Mobility Scooter Easily Folds and Can Be Wheeled Along with One Hand. Allowed on Airplanes. 250 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Armrest, Relaxed Cushioned Seat and Backrest Range of 10-15 Miles. Weighs 60 lbs. 
EV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterEV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterFour Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter. Comes Apart in Seconds for Transporting. 300 Lb Weight Limit, Swivel Seat with Armrest.
EV-Stand-N-Ride2 with Folding Chair SeatEV-Stand-N-Ride2 with Folding Chair SeatRemovable Battery Pack for Charging Indoors, 500w Motor, Anti-Theft System, Easy To Take Apart For Transportation. 
Flex 500 E-Scooter Bicycle SeatFlex 500 E-Scooter Bicycle Seat(Formerly the Zappy) 500 Watt Motor, 48 Volt Battery, Speeds of 15-18 mph.  Ride Standing or Seated, Removable Seat.
EV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterEV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterCompact and Portable. Disassembles in Minutes. 275 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of  Up to 15 Miles.
MotoTec Mad 1600w, Folding Electric ScooterMotoTec Mad 1600w, Folding Electric ScooterFeatures; Fat Tires, 1600w Motor, 310 Lb. Weight Limit, Dual Headlights, Range of 25 Miles, Bamboo Deck, Foldable.
NineBot One C+ Self Balancing  E-ScooterNineBot One C+ Self Balancing E-ScooterSelf Balancing Electric Scooter. Speeds of Up to 12 mph and 260 lb Rider Weight Limit. Range of 15 Miles. See Action Video.
Uber Scoot 1600wUber Scoot 1600w1600 Watt Motor, Speeds of 20+ mph, Range of Up to 12 Miles.  Front and Rear Lights, 12" Off Road Tires and Folds. Rider Weight Limit 265 Lbs. 
MotoTec Electric Scooter 500wMotoTec Electric Scooter 500w500 Watt Front Wheel Motor, Key Start, LED Headlight, 9' Rear Air Filled Tires, Removable Seat, Seated or Standing, Range 20 Miles.
MotoTec Electric Scooter 350wMotoTec Electric Scooter 350w350 Watt Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Ride Seated or Standing, Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Range of 17 Miles. 
UberScoot 1000wUberScoot 1000w 1000 Watt Motor. Speeds of up to 20-24 mph and a Range of Up to 12 Miles. Folds for Easy Storing. Rider Weight Limit 260 Lbs.  

...Folding Electric Scooters are Easy to Store. Great on RV Trips, Visiting Neighbors and Getting Around the Campus. A Fun Way To Travel

     ...For Your Batteries To Reach Their Best Performance.  After You Receive Your Electric Scooter, It’s Suggested That You Do a “Break-In” Cycle. Please Read on Our Web Site "Taking Care of Your Batteries".
       ...After the “Break-In” Period, Your Batteries will Perform There Maximum Performance.  And Don't Worry If They Get Warm During The Recharging Process, Its Normal.
    ...Average Battery Life Depends on The Conditions and Use.  Even with Suitable Care, Rechargeable Batteries Do Not Continue Forever.
   ...The Life of The Battery Is Decreases A Small Percentage Every Time You Discharge and Recharged The Battery.

    ...If Your Riding Against Traffic And A Vehicle is Making A Right Turn From A Driveway, Side Street or Strip Center, Drivers Are Not Expecting Cyclist Riding To Their Right. There Looking Left for Oncoming Cars.  

 ...So When Riding at Night, Headlights Are Suggested. Don't Ride Invisible. It's The Law.
    Even for Safe Daytime Riding a Flashing Light Can Make You More Visible to Motorists who Might Otherwise Not See You.
      ...Headlamps (mounted on your helmet or head) are the Great.  You Can Look Directly At The Car To Make Sure They See Your Light. Headlamps Can Be Purchased At A Local Dollar Store for Around $6.
      And Don't Ride on The Wrong Side of The Street, Ride with Traffic, Not Against It.  Cars Are Approaching You Twice As Fast Than A Car Passing From Behind. 
   Since They're Approaching You Faster, Both The Driver And You Have Less Time To React. And If You Do Get Hit, It's Going To Be At A Much Faster Speed. 
   Riding The Wrong Way is Against the Law And You Can Get Ticketed For It. Especially, If You Get In An Accident.

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