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    ... No One will Ever Laugh at You Again!
X-Trail Maker, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Trail Maker, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryLithium Powered, 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor with Powerful Front & Rear Brakes. 7-Speed Shimano Geared System. 350 lb Weight Limit. Men's Design.  Excellent Street and Mountain Bike.
X-Trail Climber, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Trail Climber, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium Battery

Lithium Powered Electric Bicycle. Features a  300 Watt Rear Wheel Hub Motor, 7-Speed Shimano Geared System. Removable Battery Pack for Easy Recharging. Range of Up to 20 Miles. 

X-Sierra Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA BatteryX-Sierra Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA BatteryStreet and Mountain Bike with a Step Through Frame, Removable Lead Acid Batteries, 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor with 26 inch Wheels, Twist Throttle,  7-Speed Shimano Geared System and 350 lb Weight Limit. 
X-Newport Beach Cruiser -Lithium BatteryX-Newport Beach Cruiser -Lithium Battery

 Features; Lithium Batteries, 300 Watt Rear Wheel Hub Motor, Alloy Frame, Folding Basket, Speeds of 20 mph, Beach Tires, 7-Speed. Removable Battery Pack. Range of Up to 20 Miles. 

X-Malibu Beach Cruiser-Lithium BatteryX-Malibu Beach Cruiser-Lithium Battery

Step Through Frame and Lithium Batteries. Features a  300 Watt Rear Wheel Hub Motor, Alloy Frame, Folding Basket, Speeds of 20 mph, Balloon Beach Tires, 7-Speed. Removable Battery Pack for Easy Recharging. Range of Up to 20 Miles. 

X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryFolding Electric Mountain Bike. Great for Trips, Camping, Storing, RV'ers. Powerful 300 w Rear Wheel Motor with Lithium Batteries. Speeds of up to 20 MPH and a Range of Up to 20-25 Miles. Folds in Half. 
X-Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA BatteryX-Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA BatteryExcellent Street and Mountain Bike with a 7-Speed Shimano Geared System, Removable SLA Batteries, 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor with 26 inch Wheels,  Powerful Front & Rear Brakes, and 350 lb Weight Limit. 
     When Riding on a Bike or Multi-Use Trails, Pay Attention to the Exact Wording of the Signs if Any.  “No Motor Vehicles”, Does not Ban a E-Bike if your State Does not Define a E-Bike as a Motor Vehicle.
  ...If A Sign Says “No Motorized Vehicles”, Then Your E-Bike May Not Be Allowed on the Trail. Or Maybe You will Have To Pedal Without the Motor To Be Legal, Then Hit the Electric when No One is Around.
   The Derailleur Shifting Systems on Bicycles and Tricycles Should only Be Shifted while Pedaling Forward.  It’s Impossible to Shift while Stopped. 
   When You’re Pedaling, the Chain Moves from One Set of Sprockets to Another. They All Make a Little Clunk Nosie.

   The Reason for this is, the First and Second Gear are Harder to Shift Too, Because They are the Biggest Sprockets and the Chain has to Move the Most.

  Electric Bikes and 
Tricycles Are Not Designed to Move from a Dead Stop, as that Puts the Biggest Strain on Both the Motor and the Battery.
   Pedaling from a Dead Stop and Then Applying a Little Throttle is the Suggested Way to Ride an Electric Vehicle. 

   ...If There Are No Bike Lanes When You Go Riding And if It's Legal in Your Area, Try And Stay on The Sidewalks.

   Sidewalk Riding is Safer Than A Busy Road; However, It Does Make You Vulnerable To Cars Pulling Out of Parking Lots And Driveways.  And You're Threatening Pedestrians on The Sidewalks, By Riding to Fast.
    So When You Approach Pedestrians, Driveways And Busy Intersections ...Slow Down.

And If You Ride At Night, Use Headlights. It's The Law!  And Always Ride with The Flow of Traffic, Not Against It. 
      ...If You're Cycling Against Traffic And A Car is Making A Right Turn From A Side Street, Parking Lot or a Driveway, In Most Cases There Not Expecting You Riding To Their Right.  There Looking Left for Oncoming Traffic.

    ...Riding Against Traffic is Against The Law And You Can Get Ticketed for It.  Especially, If You Get Hit.


   ...Even Though No Driver License Is Required, Most States Such As California Say "Motorized Bicycle Shall Only Be Operated By A Person 16 Years Of Age Or Older."  You Are Solely Responsible For Knowing And Obeying The Laws Which Pertain To You.  
      Low Speed Electrically Driven Bicycle Is Considered A "Bicycle" And The Laws Of Bicycles Apply If: Electrically Driven Bicycle Has Less Than 750 Watt Motor, Functional Pedals And The Maximum Speed Is Less Than 20 mph.

     The Federal Law Shall Supersede Any State Law or Requirement with Respect To Low-Speed Electric Bikes. This is Provided As Help Only And Does Not Constitute Legal Advice. 
       ...I Have Read that New York City has Banned Electric Bicycles, However, when I visited There, I Saw A Lot of People Using them and I Have Also Sold Manny E-Bikes in NYC without a Problem.
  But Check Out the Law in Your Area Before You Purchase.

Taking Care of Your Batteries

Taking Care of Your Batteries

    ...In Order To Let Your Batteries Reach Their Best Performance.  After You Receive Your Electric Bicycle, It’s Suggested That You Do a “Break-In” Cycle. So Please Read on My Web Site "Taking Care of Your Batteries".
       ...After the “Break-In” Period, Your Batteries will Perform There Maximum Performance.  And Don't Worry If They Get Warm During The Recharging Process, Its Normal.
    ...Average Battery Life Depends on The Conditions and Use.  Even with Suitable Care, Rechargeable Batteries Do Not Continue Forever.
   ...The Life of the Battery Is Decreases A Small Percentage Every Time You Discharge and Recharged The 

       ...Consequently, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Batteries  Have a Shorter Life Span Than Lithium Batteries.

      If You're Going to Use Your Electric Scooter or E-Bike During the Winter, You Should Charge the Batteries Indoors and Make Sure They Are Fully Charged Before You Ride.   
    To Pro-Long The Life of Your Batteries.  We Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors During Cold Winter Months.  Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm.  And Recharge Them Once Every 30 Days While Storing.

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