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It's Time To Start A Serious Relationship

It's Time To Start A Serious Relationship


    ...Look Out World, Here You Come!
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X-Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA BatteryX-Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike-SLA Battery   The Alpine Trails Electric Mountain Bike Has 7-Speed Shimano Geared System, Removable SLA Batteries, Excellent Street and Mountain Bike with 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor with 26 inch Wheels,  Powerful Front & Rear Brakes, and 350 lb Weight Limit. 
X-Trail Climber, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Trail Climber, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium Battery

   A Step Through Frame Electric Mountain Bike From X-treme Scooters. The Trail Climber is a Lithium Powered Electric Bicycle. Features a  300 Watt Rear Wheel Hub Motor, 7-Speed Shimano Geared System. Removable Battery Pack for Easy Recharging. Range of Up to 20 Miles. 

X-Trail Maker, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Trail Maker, Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium Battery  The Trail Maker Electric Mountain Bike From X-treme Scooters has a Lithium Powered, 300 Watt Rear Hub Motor with Powerful Front & Rear Brakes. 7-Speed Shimano Geared System. 350 lb Weight Limit. Men's Design.  Excellent Street and Mountain Bike.
X-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium BatteryX-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike-Lithium Battery   The-Cursion Folding Electric Mountain Bike. Great for Trips, Camping, Storing, RV'ers. Powerful 300 w Rear Wheel Motor with Lithium Batteries. Speeds of up to 20 MPH and a Range of Up to 20-25 Miles. Folds in Half. 
Folding Electric TricycleFolding Electric Tricycle  A Full Size Folding Electric Tricycle is Great for Small Person, Taking on Trips and Storing.  Six Speed, 500 Watt Front Wheel Hub Motor, 20" Wheels, Large Rear Cargo Basket.
Prodeco Phantom X Li, v3 Folding Electric BicycleProdeco Phantom X Li, v3 Folding Electric Bicycle   Prodeco-Phantom X Li Folding Electric Bike weighs only 46 lbs.  Excellent Ride For Taking on Trips, Storing, Commuting to Work or Crusing Around Town. Featuring a 300 Watt Front Wheel Motor That Provides 500 Watts at Peak. Aircraft Grade Alloy Frame, 9 Speed Shifter, Speeds of 18 mph and a Range of Up To 25 Miles. Made in America and Arrives Assembled..  
Prodeco Mariner 8 Folding Electric BicycleProdeco Mariner 8 Folding Electric Bicycle    Prodeco-Mariner 8 Folding Electric Bike Is An Excellant Urban Cruiser. Weighs 46 lbs. Ideal For Trips and Storing. Featuring a 300 Watt Front Wheel Motor, which Delivers 500 Watts at Peak. Speeds of 18 mph. 8 Speed. Made in America. 
Prodeco Phantom X2, v3 Folding Electric BicycleProdeco Phantom X2, v3 Folding Electric Bicycle   Prodeco-Phantom X2 Folding Electric Bike will Set You Free.  Excellent Ride For the Streets or Off Road. Featuring a 500 Watt Rear Wheel Motor That Provides 720 Watts at Peak. Aircraft Grade Alloy Frame, 8 Speed Shifter, Speeds of 20 mph and a Range of Up To 38 Miles. Made in America and Arrives Pre Assembled..  
Prodeco Outlaw SS 9Ah, Electric Mountain BikeProdeco Outlaw SS 9Ah, Electric Mountain Bike     Prodeco-Outlaw SS 9Ah, Electric Mountain Bike Goes 28 mph. An Off Road Muscle Bike with Range of 20-28 Miles.  Featuring a 750 Watt Rear Wheel Motor That Provides 1,200 Watts at Peak.  Rock Solid Aircraft Grade Alloy Frame, 8 Speed.  Hydraulic Brakes.  Shipped Pre Assembled and Made in America.  
Currie Haibike XDuro RX 29"Currie Haibike XDuro RX 29"  Haibike XDuro RX is an Awesome Looking Electric Mountain Bike with 25-35 Mile Range. Ten Speed, LCD Multi-Function Display, Mid Drive Performance System, Double Walled Rims and 2.25 Racing Tires. Comes in Four Sizes. Arrives Already Assembled and FREE Delivery!

...Electric Bicycles Are Serious Transportation for Fun & Commuting.  There Fast & Easy to Use.  The More a Driver Pedals, the Further the Distance One Can Travel on the Battery. 

   ...For Safe Night Riding I Suggest Using Headlights. It's The Law!

     Even for Safe Daytime Riding a Flashing Light Can Make You More Visible To Motorists who Might Otherwise Not See You.

    And Headlamps Mounted on Your Head or Helmet at Night Are The Best.  You Can Look Directly At the Driver To Make Sure They See You Coming.  You Can Purchase Headlamps at A Local Dollar Store For Around $5.  

  ...Don't Ride Invisible.  

     If You Have To Ride on Sidewalks Slow Down. You're Vulnerable To Cars Pulling Out of Parking Lots And Driveways.  And If You're Riding Fast, You're Threatening Pedestrians.  And Remember to Ride with Traffic, Not Against It.  It's The Law!

    ... In Order for Your Batteries to Reach Their Best Performance, After You Receive You’re Electric Bicycle, It’s Recommended You First “Break-Them In Before You Ride.

   …Read on Our Web Site “Taking Care of Your Batteries”.  And Don't Worry If They Get Warm During The Recharging Process, Its Normal.

  …To Pro-Long the Life of Your Batteries.  If You’re Not Going To Ride During the Winter, Its Recommend You Store Your Batteries Indoors.  Extreme Cold Can Cause Them Harm.  And Recharge Them Once Every 3-4 Weeks While Storing.   


     ...Average Battery Life Depends on The Conditions and Use.  Even with Suitable Care, Rechargeable Batteries Do Not Continue Forever.

   ...The Life of The Battery Is Decreases A Small Percentage Every Time You Discharge and Recharged The Battery. 

...It's Time To Get Out and Go Far.
   ...Should You Wear A Helmet?  Product Information on Helmet Models, Helmet Laws, Safety and Recalls.  www.Helmets.org  
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