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EW-Speedy, Portable Electric ScooterEW-Speedy, Portable Electric Scooter    The EW-Speedy Folding Electric Scooter is One Fast and Comfortable Ride! 450 Watt Motor, Three Wheel Stability, Lithium Batteries, 350 Rider Weight Limit, Front Basket, Range of Up To 30 Miles and Speeds of Up to 11mph. Arrives Already Assembled and Free Delivery. Watch Action Video...
Mogo Folding Electric ScooterMogo Folding Electric Scooter  The Mogo Folding Electric Scooter Comes with 1,000 Watts of Power and Long Life Lithium Batteries. 250 lb Rider Weight Limit, USB Charging Port for Your Smart Phone and Mobile Devices.  Speeds of Up to 20 mph and Range 20 Miles. Cruise Control, Headlight, Horn, Mirror and Portable. Watch Video...
Prodeco Mariner 8 Folding Electric BicycleProdeco Mariner 8 Folding Electric Bicycle    Prodeco-Mariner 8 Folding Electric Bike Is An Excellant Urban Cruiser. Weighs 46 lbs. Ideal For Trips and Storing. Featuring a 300 Watt Front Wheel Motor, which Delivers 500 Watts at Peak. Speeds of 18 mph. 8 Speed. Made in America. 
Multi-Point 3 Wheel Electric ScooterMulti-Point 3 Wheel Electric Scooter  Multi-Point 3 Wheel Electric Scooter is Perfect for Warehouse Use, Taking on Trips or Getting Around the Neighborhood.  Features; 500 Watt Motor, Speeds of 18 mph, 48 Volt Battery and 30 Mile Range. Reverse Gear, 12.5" Rear Wheels, Parking Brake, Flat Floor Deck, Removable Seat, Removable Battery Pack for Charging Indoors and Easy Lifting In and Out of RV's. Also has a USB for Charging Smartphones and 110v Outlet for Using Power Tools.
EV TranSport Mobility ScooterEV TranSport Mobility Scooter   The Transport Mobility Scooter Easily Folds and Can Be Wheeled Along with One Hand. Allowed on Airplanes. 250 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Armrest, Relaxed Cushioned Seat and Backrest Range of 10-15 Miles. Weighs 60 lbs. 
EV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterEV Rider Express- Portable Mobility Scooter  This Four Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter Comes Apart in Seconds for Storing and Transporting. 300 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of 12.5 Miles.
Flex 500 Electric ScooterFlex 500 Electric Scooter   The Flex 500 (Formerly the Zappy) has a 500 Watt Motor, 48 Volt Battery, Speeds of 15-18 mph.  Ride Standing or Seated. The Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Comes With a Removable Seat, Key Start, Twist Throttle and Front Basket and a Range of Up to 20 Miles.
Acton M, Folding Electric ScooterActon M, Folding Electric Scooter   The Acton M Three Wheel Folding Electric Scooter. Ride Seated or Standing.  Features; 48v Batteries, Key Start, Twin LED Headlights, Range of Up to 28 Miles. Perfect for Storing, Transporting, Getting Around Neighborhoods, Campgrounds, Shopping and in the Workplace. $116 Flat Rate Shipping Fee. 
PET PRO 350wPET PRO 350w   Picture Shown is Without The Removable Seat. Ride Seated or Standing UP. The PET Pro 350w is Fast and Fun. 350 Watt Motor and 36 Volt Battery. The Collapsible Handlebar makes it Easy to Store and Transport. Key Start, Front LED Light and Front Basket. Range of Up to 17 Miles.
X-Metro Express Folding Electric ScooterX-Metro Express Folding Electric Scooter   The Metro Express is a Folding Electric Scooter with Lightweight Lithium Batteries. Powerfull 1,000w Rear Hub Motor. Speeds of Up To 23 mph and a Range of 25 Miles.  Removable Seatpost. Ride Standing or Seated.  Features a 250 lb Weight Limit, Racing Handlebars. 
Uber Scoot 1600wUber Scoot 1600w     Uber Scoot 1600 Folding Electric Scooter with 1600 Watt Motor. Speeds of 20+ mph and a Range of Up to 12 Miles.  Front and Rear Lights, 12" Off Road Tires and Easy Storing. Weight Limit 265 Lbs.  Great for RV'ers!
MotoTec Electric Scooter 500wMotoTec Electric Scooter 500w   The Moto Tec 500 Three Wheel Electric Scooter has 500 Watt Front Wheel Motor. Features; 48v Battery, Key Start, LED Headlight, 9' Rear Wheels,  Removable Seat and Front Basket. Range 20 Miles. Perfect for Getting Around Neighborhoods, Shopping and in the Workplace. Free Delivery.
Uber Scoot 800wUber Scoot 800w     Uber Scoot 800 Folding Electric Scooter with 800 Watt Motor. Speeds of up to 20-24 mph and a Range of Up to 12 Miles.  Easy Storing. Weight Limit 260 Lbs.  Great for RV'ers or College Students Getting Around Campus!
MotoTec Electric Scooter 350wMotoTec Electric Scooter 350w   MotoTec has a 350 Watt Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, 36 Volt Battery, Three Wheel Electric Scooter. Ride Seated or Standing. Fast and Fun. Removable Seat, Front Basket. The Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Range of Up to 17 Miles. Free Delivery
    ...If Your Riding Against Traffic And A Vehicle is Making A Right Turn From A Driveway, Side Street or Strip Center, Drivers Are Not Expecting Cyclist Riding To Their Right. There Looking Left for Oncoming Cars.  

   Riding The Wrong Way is Against The Law And You Can Get Ticketed For It. Especially, If You Get In An Accident.


     ...So Don't Ride on The Wrong Side of The Street, Ride with Traffic, Not Against It.  Cars Are Approaching You Twice As Fast Than A Car Passing From Behind. 

   Since They're Approaching You Faster, Both The Driver And You Have Less Time To React. And If You Do Get Hit, It's Going To Be At A Much Faster Speed. 

...Folding Electric Scooters Are a Fun Ride and Cost Nothing to Run!

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