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EV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterEV Mini Rider-Portable Mobility ScooterCompact and Portable. Disassembles in Minutes. 275 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Anti-Tipping Rear Wheels, Swivel Seat with Armrest. Range of  Up to 15 Miles.
EV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterEV Rider Express- Portable Mobility ScooterFour Wheel Portable Mobility Scooter. Comes Apart in Seconds for Transporting. 300 Lb Weight Limit, Swivel Seat with Armrest.
EV TranSport Mobility ScooterEV TranSport Mobility Scooter   The Transport Mobility Scooter Easily Folds and Can Be Wheeled Along with One Hand. Allowed on Airplanes. 250 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Armrest, Relaxed Cushioned Seat and Backrest Range of 10-15 Miles. Weighs 60 lbs. 
EV Vita Sport, 4 Wheel ScooterEV Vita Sport, 4 Wheel ScooterVita Sport: 4 Wheel Stability, Comfort Seat with Headrest, Range 25-30 Miles, 350 Rider Weight Limit, 700w Motor and Speeds of 12 mph.
EV-Stand-N-Ride2 with Folding Chair SeatEV-Stand-N-Ride2 with Folding Chair SeatRemovable Battery Pack for Charging Indoors, 500w Motor, Anti-Theft System, Easy To Take Apart For Transportation. 
EW-02 Speedy, Portable Electric ScooterEW-02 Speedy, Portable Electric ScooterFast and Foldable. 450w Motor, 3 Wheel Stability, 350 Weight Limit, Speeds of 11mph. 
EW-27- Crossover Electric TrikeEW-27- Crossover Electric Trike500 Watt Motor, Three Wheel Stability, Reverse Gear, Headlight, Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Speeds of Up to 15mph.
EW-36 SlowspokeEW-36 Slowspoke500w Motor, Speed of 6 mph, Range of 45 Miles, 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Flip Up Armrest. 
EW-36 Three Wheel ScooterEW-36 Three Wheel Scooter500w Motor, Speeds of 18 mph, Range of 45 Miles. 375 Lb Weight Limit, Reverse Gear, Flip Up Armrest. 
EW-38 Three Wheel Electric ScooterEW-38 Three Wheel Electric ScooterHeavy Duty Electric Trike. 700w Motor, 500lb Weigh Limit, Range of 43 Miles, Speeds of 15mph. 
EW-52 Four Wheel Electric ScooterEW-52 Four Wheel Electric ScooterFront Windshield, 700w Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Range of 45 Miles, 500 Lb Weight Limit, Cruise Control, Sterio System. 
EW-54 Four Wheel Electric ScooterEW-54 Four Wheel Electric Scooter4 Wheel E-Scooter, 700w Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Range of 40 Miles. 500 Lb Weight Limit, Sterio Music System.
EW-66, Two Rider Electric ScooterEW-66, Two Rider Electric ScooterTwo Rider, 3 Wheel Electric Scooter, 600 lb Weight Limit. 700w Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Range of 40 Miles.
EW-72 Four Wheel Electric ScooterEW-72 Four Wheel Electric Scooter  Four Wheel Electric Scooter, 500 lb Rider Weight Limit. 700 Watt Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Range of 43 Miles. 
Flex 500 E-Scooter Bicycle SeatFlex 500 E-Scooter Bicycle Seat(Formerly the Zappy) 500 Watt Motor, 48 Volt Battery, Speeds of 15-18 mph.  Ride Standing or Seated, Removable Seat.
Heartway Allure Electric WheelchairHeartway Allure Electric WheelchairRange of 25 Miles and Speeds of Up to 5 mph. 350lb Rider Weight Limit, 450 w Motor. Five-speed adjustment on VSI joystick.
Heartway Allure RT Electric WheelchairHeartway Allure RT Electric WheelchairTilt-in-rehab seat. Range of 25 Miles and Speeds of Up to 5 mph. 350lb Rider Weight Limit, 450 w Motor. Five-speed adjustment on joystick.
LoveBird 2 Rider Mobility ScooterLoveBird 2 Rider Mobility ScooterTwo Rider, 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter, 500 Lb Weight Limit, Golf Rack, 1200 w Motor, Speeds of 14 mph and a Range of 25 Miles

MotoTec Electric Scooter 350wMotoTec Electric Scooter 350w350 Watt Motor, Speeds of 15 mph, Ride Seated or Standing, Collapsible Handlebar Makes It Easy to Store and Transport. Range of 17 Miles. 
MotoTec Electric Scooter 500wMotoTec Electric Scooter 500w500 Watt Front Wheel Motor, Key Start, LED Headlight, 9' Rear Air Filled Tires, Removable Seat, Seated or Standing, Range 20 Miles.
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