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  1. This Just In.  "USA Today News" Reports ...Commuters Love Their Two-Wheelers. 
          The Number of People Who Commute to Work by Bicycle Has Increased About 60% Over the Past 5 years. From 2008 to 2012 About 786,000 Americans Commuted By Bicycle. Large Cities Have Doubled the Use of Bicycles Riders. 

         Cities Have Invested in Bike Lanes. And Buses and Trains Now Accommodate for Bike Friendly Passengers. Census Bureau's New Report That Bicycling and Walking To Work Has Gained Momentum.  People Start Riding A Little Bit, Then A Lot.  Then, They Realize How Much Fun it is.  They Also Like the Social Aspect.
         I Growing Trend is; People are Forming Commuter Bike Groups to Ride Together to Work. 
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