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Let’s Us Set You Free!

Let’s Us Set You Free!

...I've Been Waiting For You

   ...Hi, My Name is Jim Welsh, President of Electric Bicycle Outdoor Store.  I've Been Waiting for You. Where Have You Been? 

      Welcome To The Largest, Most Exciting and Fun; Scooter Store on the Internet.  

    ...A Web Store That's Beyond Your Imagination.  Beyond Your Control.
    We Have Action Videos to Watch, Detailed Product Information, Jim's Favorite Links and Awesome Newsletter's to Read.    
     After You Leave My Store You will Be; Pleased as Punch, Happy as a Clam, Gleeful, Thrilled, Sparkling, Overjoyed, Smiling and Delighted.

 So Get Ready for an Internet Experience That You will Never Forget.  Get Ready to Start Your Motors.

   ...We Offer a Large Selection of Electric Bikes, E-Scooters, Electric Mobility Scooters, Bicycle Motor Kits and Electric Tricycles.
      And We Have Good Advice on Our Products and Riding Safely.
...Be Sure Too Read  ..."How Not To Get Hit By a Car". There's More to Safe Riding Than A Good Helmet.

      Our Electric Tricycles and Mobility Scooters Give Active Seniors a Fun Outdoor Experience  ...That You will Want To Do, Over & Over Again.

Sorry, But We Do Not Take Medicare.  

     And Each Month We are Adding New Models and More Product.

    ...They Say, "You Can Never Forget How to Ride a Bike".  If It’s Been Awhile, I Suggest Not Starting Out on a Busy Street.  Same Goes with Scooters.
   Your First Step is to Learn How the Bike or Scooter Handles.  Go Thru the Gears, Learn How to Stop Quickly. Enjoy Yourself First.  Get Comfortable with Your New Best Friend.  
In The BeginningTake It Slow . 

    ...Electric Bikes and Scooters are an Excellent Way to Get Around Town. Your Weekends Will Never Be the Same. 
     Many People Do Not Know the Difference Between Electric Scooters. Let Us Help You Decide on Which One Best Fits Your Life Style.  So Relax and Enjoy the Ride! 

     And Always Keep an Eye on Your Tire Tread to Make Sure They Don’t Get Worn Down and That Your Tires are Properly Inflated. 

   This Helps Improve Your E-Bike and Electric Scooter Range and it will Also Give You Better Control Should You Need to React Quickly to Avoid a Crash.    

      Oh! Be Sure To Read "Taking Care of Your Batteries."  Great Tips on Breaking Them in For Maximum Range.
  ...And You Must Read My Newsletter's And Gene Autry's Cowboy Codes.  Good Reads for Real People.  Stop Back Anytime.  Happy Trails!
   I'll Be Waiting for You...

  Electric Bikes and Tricycles Are Not Designed to Move from a Dead Stop, as that Puts the Biggest Strain on Both the Motor and the Battery.
   Pedaling from a Dead Stop and Then Applying a Little Throttle is the Suggested Way to Ride an Electric Vehicle. 

...I'll Beat Anyone's Prices

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